Monday, May 2, 2016

Tales from Innkeeper

We all love to reflect back on good times and great friends.  This morning was one of those times for this innkeeper.

Over the last 17 years I have gotten to know many other lovely innkeepers through out the world.  Some by visiting their bed and breakfasts, some by them visiting ours and then others by various industry groups in which I have belonged.

We love sharing recipes and stories of our innkeeping life as well as helpful insights to make our lives a little easier.  As you see, while we do put on a life of welcoming hospitality there is a shall I say 'darker life' behind the scenes that guests don't know.

Those few hours between check out and check in our world can be a whirlwind - running in and out of rooms, stripping everything and piling it in the laundry.  Running back to clean - top to bottom - before bringing in clean fresh linens and amenities to make each guest feel they are the first to use the room.

Then there is the laundry to start and groceries to get and plan the next breakfast.  Oh, and the constant watch for new reservations, and phone calls all mixed in.

Then there are days like today... a quiet afternoon after guests depart with no check ins.  It is a day to relax and regroup.  And maybe have a cup of tea with some of our innkeeping friends.
McDowell-Nearing House B&B - Muncie IN & Yourshire Tea - The Camberley B&B Harrogate UK
 Today's photo - my tea cup, compliments of McDowell-Nearing House in Muncie IN  and some of the best tea ever, Yorkshire Tea, thanks to Kim at The Camberley in  Harrogate N. Youkshire UK

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