Friday, March 1, 2013

Crawfish Time - come get you some!

Crawfish aka MUDBUGs aka Crayfish - no matter what you call 'em, they are in season right now in Louisiana.  Time for backyard crawfish boils with the spices filling the air from every direction.  But you don't need an invite to savor this specialty as many restaurants, and even grocery stores, are serving them up fresh out of the pot.
If you are visiting the area you first need to know just how to eat these critters... My first party when moving to LA from GA (many, many years ago) was a crawfish boil.  Now at that time I had only known these creatures as bothersome pests we had in our yards when the water table was high.  When I saw these things covering the tables where I was supposed to eat I though I was going to go hungry for sure, and after I decided to try one I still thought I was going to go hungry...  People around me were eating a dozen or 2 to each 1 of mine.  There is a method - or there are several:  Here are a couple of videos to get you ready for your eating adventure.

This one I thought was hilarious! This is a 'large pile' of crawfish?  And where is this guy from - not LA!

SO lets move on to another one that may get down to business -  Ah, here is one from a local girl who seems to know her stuff!  

 Some of the local restaurants serving up these delights are Speckled T's where they also have one of the best selection of beers on tap around and NOLA Southern Grill with a nice outside dining area. 

Why not bring the gang and have your own party right here at Woodridge.  We'll help you find someone to deliver the best right here.  Ahhhh EEEE!

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