Friday, February 8, 2013

Ancient Historical Site - part of 100+ things to do

While this spot is not within my 100 mile limit, I could not resist adding this to our things to do. 

Poverty Point, Pioneer LA
Located in Northeast Louisiana on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi lies one of the worlds most ancient historical sites.  Poverty Point State Historic Site is a vast 400 acre site, integrated complex of earthen monuments, constructed 3,100 – 3,700 years ago dating back to pre Mayan civilization. Poverty point has several large mounds, one being the largest in North America. It also has six enormous, concentric earthen ridges with an outer diameter of more than a half mile. This constructed landscape was the largest and most elaborate of its time on the continent; the particular form of the complex is not duplicated anywhere else in the world. The site is especially notable because it was built by a settlement of hunter-gatherers, not an agricultural society.  For more information about this treasure see:

Poverty Point is about 250 miles north of Slidell, LA near Monroe Louisiana.  Make this a great stopping point on your trip to our great area.  

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