Monday, July 23, 2012

Celebrating another GREAT year!

Happy Anniversary to Woodridge Bed and Breakfast!  

WOW we are starting our 14th year - 14!!   What started as a pipe dream many years ago, with lots and lots of work, the building once known as Woodridge Academy was transformed into our home and Bed and Breakfast.  Since that time we have welcomed so many wonderful faces, shared some great stories, been a part of many fond reunions and celebrating many unions. We have been blessed.
We've come a long way baby!  From class rooms to 5 spacious suites, from office space to kitchen space and a place to create gourmet breakfasts for your guests.  From a basket ball court to a pavilion for parties and a pool to refresh.  So many things have changed here at Woodridge Bed and Breakfast over the years, but one thing still is the same - our Southern Hospitality.   We look forward to the year ahead and seeing many of our return guests and welcoming new friends. 

THEN  -  1994

Woodridge B&B NOW - 2012
 Here you see the view of before we purchased. 
The yard was baron from the romping of 300 kids at recess, but now is lush and green and even a secret garden to wander through under the canopy of Live Oaks.  I hear them calling you to come relax. 

Thanks to the many who have brightened up our place with your wonderful smiles.  We hope to see you again in the near future. 

Debbi & Tim, Keepers of the Inn

B and B's are a better way to stay, so while visiting Southeastern Louisiana, stay at Woodridge Bed and Breakfast - play hard, sleep well!