Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Eats - Liuzza's A New Orleans tradition

A New Orleans Tradition

Liuzza's own - Muffaletta Po'boy - yumm

Mouthwatering Roast Beef Po'Boy
When most people think of New Orleans food they think of Creole and Cajun delights and all that wonderful seafood.  Little known is the influence Italian culinary had on each of these.

And then there is the influence they had on the local Italian cuisine.  Liuzza's which is located in the area known as Mid City in New Orleans has been serving some of the finest in both cultures since 1947.

Seafood Gumbo -  ya-ya  (you gotta try)

They took their own spin on a New Orleans traditional Muffaletta and turned it into a po'boy.  So what is a Muffaletta?  Well just go to the local deli and get a pound of each of the Italian meats - salami, pastrami, etc.  as well as some provolone cheese, for starters.  The tricky part comes in the dressing or relish which is made of Italian herbs and spices, olives and olive oil which have been mixed together and 'aged' to blend the flavors.
Liuzza's does this blend well!  And the sandwich (pictured at top) shows just how thick the sandwich is, so come hungry.
One of the group savored on the mouthwatering Roast Beast and another in a Gumbo chock full with seafood...

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